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Adam lost 38lbs
in Just 142 Days 
With SHF, I feel healthier and stronger than I can ever remember going back 20+ years . . . If I can gain this body and have abs at 46, anyone else can as well.
Riley lost 12lbs of FAT
in Just 82 Days 
This program is making an impact on more than just me . . . you can drastically change your mental state and your body in less than 90 days!
Michael Dropped  53lbs in
Just 227 Days 
Everyone has those moments that they can look back on in their life . . . The day that I met Kyle was absolutely one of those moments.
& Hundreds more...
Who is Kyle Carnohan?
The Man Behind The Movement
My name is Kyle. I am 41 years old. I am a father of 5. I have been married to my wife Whitney for 20 years. I am a fireman, a musician, a skateboarder, and a very effective body and mind transformation coach. I started Super Human Fathers as an Instagram account a few years back. I created it in order to hold myself personally accountable to stop being a jerk. Like you, I was at times short with my kids, sarcastic with my wife and lazy around the house. I would use excuses in order to get out of being my best self. “I'm stressed from work” “I need a break. I have anxiety and depression. I just need some relaxation and down time.

Here's what I realized: the more I rested, the more I dodged work, the more I put off my goals, the more I ate garbage to numb the pain, the more I gave in to my erratic emotional reactions, the more miserable and depressed I became. I used the Instagram to announce my shortcomings to the world. I put my true self out there for every one to see. I would call myself out when I was acting selfishly. I would be HONEST about my actions. That was a huge step in the right direction. I began to connect with other fathers that had the same shortcomings. Other men gave me encouragement and strength.

I reached out to coaches and gurus. I read books and listened to podcasts. As I practiced, I became better and I began to differentiate very Cleary the weak voice in my head with my true voice. My conscience. Once I really tapped into that true voice, my personal progress in every aspect of life began to skyrocket. No more excuses. No more lying to myself. I began taking full responsibility by taking massive action in the things that mattered most in my life. every minute of every day.

I embraced struggle. I embraced stress, I accepted my fate, I learned to be grateful for inconvenience and chaos. In doing so I found myself and a fire lit inside me.

As I became a better man, I became a better father, a better husband, a better friend, better at creating, better at business, better at life. As I leveled up so did my wife. So did my kids. So did many others I came in contact with. I realized, that I have way more impact on the world around me than I ever thought possible.

I Am a fireman by trade. I began to get approached by fellow firemen that were in darkness, needing guidence, needing fitness, needing to find themselves again. I began a relentless pursuit to serve my brothers in the fire house and exemplify the disciplined life.

I had dozens of men reach out to me outside of work asking for help and guidance. They were trying to tap in but did not know where to start. They wanted deep meaningful relationships with their kids. they wanted to be a kind and loving with their wife. They wanted to get lean and athletic. They wanted to create their best self for their people. They wanted to light their life on fire like I had. And so SUPER HUMAN FATHERS was born. It started out as 20, then 50, then 100 then 250. Now we have our sight set on 1000 before the end of the year. It has become a brotherhood. A group of men holding each other accountable to live the no excuse, nonnegotiable life.

I have found a home. A team. A family. So here you are. May be you have a temper. may be you are dealing with severe anxiety and depression. May be you lack motivation and the energy to attack life like you used to. Let me tell you this. When you live every day with decisions and reactions that are in line with your conscience, you earn a power and authority over your life that will blow your mind. Others will feel this power when you are in their presence. They will want to be better just by being around you. You will become an absolute force of positivity and energy. Your body will transform into your true self. You will look in the mirror and see a warrior with a resilient body and mind.

You will never be ashamed or disappointed in what you see in the mirror ever again!


Our physical transformations are world class. What you can’t see in the pictures are the minds and spirits of these elite men that live the SUPER HUMAN FATHERS way. What is our secret? Where the mind and spirit go, the body will follow.

This is not your standard fitness program.

This is a complete life transformation. Mind, body, and spirit.

To be the best we can be for those we love and the thousands we will inspire!
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